Signature Fabrications provides both bespoke and 'off the shelf' products.


Our most popular products are:


Gates and Railings


All of our products are made to suit customers style, design and specification, and available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.


We also make folding and sliding gates.



Security Doors and Window Grilles


Security products made to suit individual needs, both internally and externally. All doors are made inside a frame, built with full length one piece hinge and slam plate, entirely encasing the chosen lock.



We offer both fixed and retractable security products.



Handrails and Fire Escapes


All products are made to suit customer’s exact requirements and correspond with all relevant safety regulations. Available in a vast range of patterns and styles, finishes and colours.



Balconies and Platforms


All aspects of balconies are covered, from simple Juliette Balconies to structural builds and platforms.


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